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Can Christians Grumble?

Grumbling is a sin. No matter in what circumstance, we must praise and give thanks to God (Hebrews 13:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18). Grumbling means that you don’t trust that God is in charge of your life. The devil likes to use our circumstances to lead us away from God. When in a bad circumstance, you should not grumble against God but give thanks to him. The devil always stands in front of God’s throne to accuse us because he wants to catch our weaknesses. Every life circumstance is a trial that God uses to test your faith. Satan cannot do what that God did not permit in your life.

In Job 1 – 2:1 – 10, Satan tried to accuse Job by saying he will turn away from God if he take away all he have. After Satan left God’s presence, he made the Sabeans come to attack and carry away the oxen and donkeys that belonged to Job. Later, he caused fire to fall from the sky to burn Job’s sheep. Next, Satan made the Chaldeans to come and raid the camels that belonged to Job. Finally, Satan caused a strong wind to blow and collapse the house where Job’s sons and daughters are feasting. Although all these bad things have happened, Job did not curse God but he gave praise to him instead. On another day, Satan came before God’s throne to accuse Job again. Satan suggests striking diseases on Job to see if Job will turn away from God. When Satan had left God’s presence, he afflicted Job’s body with sores. Job’s wife suggested cursing God and die. However, Job rebuked his wife.

1 Corinthians 10:10 states that we should not grumble otherwise we will be destroyed by the destroyer. James 5:9 states that we should not grumble against one another so that we won’t be judged by God. You should submit to God all your anxieties and let him help you. Jesus said all who are weary and burdened can come to him (Matthew 11:28). Anyone with need that come to seek Jesus will be satisfied. In John 6:35, Jesus said that he is the bread of life. If you believe in Jesus and come to him with your needs, he will help you. When you ask God for something, you must not doubt. James 1:6 states that a person that is double minded and doubt in God’s ability will not be able to accomplish anything.

You must not complain when your prayer is not heard. God wants you to persevere in your prayer. Christians must be patient and persevere in their prayers. After prayer, you must not declare that it will not happen. Instead, you must declare with your mouth that God will fulfill and answer your prayer. Proverbs 18:21 states that the tongue has the power of death and life. Proverbs 18:7 states that the mouth of a fool is his own ruin. Psalm 52:2 states that it is the tongue that plots destruction. Psalm 12:4 states that it is by our tongue that we prevail. provides free bible studies for Christians around the world. You can use the bible study outlines on the website for different kinds of purposes.

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